Joint Research and Provision of Technology


A new breeding platform that enables rapid seed/seedling development

​Traditionally, developing a new crop variety required a long time. GRA&GREEN will accelerate the R&D processes using iPAG, a novel grafting technology and proprietary gene-editing technology.

In order to quickly reflect various needs of crop seeding, GRA&GREEN provides new breeding platform technology to various players in the supply chain.

​Breeding at the farm

GRA&GREEN will provide the best optimal crop for the environment by on-site consultation. We breed to bridge the gap between customer needs and existing variety limits.


​2. Plant Grafting System

We provide grafted seedling production system using Grafting Cassette


Grafting is a method of connecting different plants to improve the taste, disease resistance, and enhance growth speed, and is one of the techniques that has been used in agriculture since ancient times.

< Improvement of disease resistance >

By connecting tomato seedlings that are good in taste but weak in disease with the roots of tomatoes that are tolerant in disease, disease resistance has improved.

< Improvement of productivity >

By connecting cucumber seedlings with the strong roots of squash, which has a high nutrient absorption rate, productivity is improved.

However, stable production of grafted seedlings was considered difficult as it requires experience and knowledge of skilled workers.

In order to solve this "difficulty" of grafting, GRA&GREEN has developed Grafting Cassette .

Grafting Cassette   enables anyone to mass-produce grafted seedlings with stable quality.

We are also developing an automatic grafting system using the Grafting Cassette .




Problems in Conventional Grafting

It takes time to master the operation

The quality of grafted seedlings tends to vary

Grafting machine is expensive

Advantages of Grafting Cassette


Even beginners can make 250 grafted seedlings per hour

Quality of grafted seedlings is constant

You can start at a small amount

< Schematic Image of Grafting Cassette  >


Grafting Cassette   and a dedicated cutter enable labor-saving, high-efficient grafting.


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