Message from the CEO

Masaki Niwa, CEO

Today, our world faces challenges such as climate change, population growth, and reduction of farmland, and it is becoming more challenging for the world to secure sustainable and productive agriculture and food.

On the other hand, we are seeing moves in the agriculture industry, such as cross-industry collaboration and various technologies being adopted.
In addition, more people are starting to recognize the multifaceted value of crops and agriculture itself, as interest for food, health and agriculture experience grows.

We, GRA&GREEN, believe that there is an infinite possibility in plants. 
We also believe that the possibility of plants can be maximized by advanced technologies. Founders at GRA&GREEN believe that we can ultimately bring happiness to the world by realizing this.
We provide solutions by using advanced technology based on plant science to overcome the various challenges and opportunities in the food and agriculture industry.

Day and night, we continue our research and development to maximize the potential of plants. With collaboration with our partners, we will implement cutting-edge technology at agricultural sites.

“Envision future plants that open up a new food and agriculture fields.”

We will continue to work hard to achieve that vision.


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1. New breeding platform business

2. Plant Grafting System business

April 2017

Incubation Facility #106 Nagoya University

Furo-cho 1 ban, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, 464-0814, Japan


Masaki Niwa, Ph.D.


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